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Should I get Breast Augmentation Surgery?

breast augmentation biancaA common question I’ve heard among friends on campus is whether or not they should get breast implants.

Anybody who knows anything about girls knows that we enjoy attention, and that we want our bodies to be perfect. It’s really not a thing of being self-centered, but more than likely an issue with imperfection. I don’t want to look perfect because I like to look in the mirror, I want to be pleasant to look at.

So with that being said, should I get breast augmentation surgery?

I surveyed a few girlfriends of mine to see what they had to say on the matter, and why they would or would not get breast implants.

Why Jenny Won’t get Implants

Jenny is a long-time friend of mine who started school with me. She was the first person I asked on the matter. Her response was fairly curt when she said “No” with a sort of antagonistic inflection in her voice.

I asked her why she wouldn’t do it. She told me that she’s loved the way she is. She’s been with her boyfriend for 3 years, and it’s never come up as an issue that she has a B cup. She has no problem with the way her chest is. That’s understandable. When I looked at this, I realized that being in a long-term relationship would probably be a good reason to not get implants. If the person who loves you expresses it regularly, and expresses his admiration for you, why should you ever care to change? I think that’s where Jen is coming from.

Why Frankie Loves Implants

I spoke with a mutual friend of mine and Jen’s. Frankie said that she would absolutely love to get implants. She said that women with huge breasts are beautiful, and that she’s always hated her breasts.

Frankie isn’t flat-chested, but she’s insecure about her breasts sort of sagging. She was once pretty obese, and when she lost a lot of weight, she lost it from her chest too. Frankie doesn’t have a boyfriend like Jenny does. She’s been single for over a year now, and her last break-up was pretty bad.

I can understand why Frankie has an attraction to the idea of having a large chest. She craves attention, she wants companionship and sees that men look out for that, and she’s insecure about her current looks. It’s no wonder.

Bianca, Zoey and Hanna

I asked some fellow class mates about their opinion on breast augmentation. Bianca is all for it. Interestingly enough, I came to find out that she’s already gone through breast augmentation! She said she had made sure that it would be very subtle. It turns out that she had absolutely no chest before the surgery, and now she has a perfect looking chest. It’s not noticeably large (like the way that Frankie wants hers to be), but it looks just right. I kind of admire Bianca for going through with that, and not for gaining a lot of male attention.

Zoey said she wouldn’t do it, but that if her future husband asked her to do it she might consider. Again, here’s another example of doing it for male attention.

Hanna said she had been thinking about doing it for some years. Hanna has been known to spend a lot of time getting attention from the guys. She’s at all the parties, and has a new boyfriend every week.


In looking at my survey, I can see that male attention is important among my friends and class mates. I would imagine that there are much better reasons for people to go through with breast augmentation. Women who have had to bear the misfortune of breast cancer will often times resort to breast augmentation surgery afterwards.

I don’t think that breast augmentation is a good thing or a bad thing. I think it all depends on the situation. I disagree with the concept of tearing apart your body and implanting a foreign object for the sake of attention. I do however agree with doing it for the sake of feeling better about your body.

Please tell us your thoughts on breast augmentation! Also, let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to hear on the subject!