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Herbalife for Abs – The Ultimate Herbalife Diet

The question comes up time and time again with regard to how a Herbalife Before and After Picperson can get the perfect, shredded, washboard abs that everyone wants. Who can really say that they have the secret? When it comes to the abdominal muscles, we’re talking about something that is often considered the “holy grail” of all your workout efforts. It’s practically untouchable, in fact.

Well as it turns out an online store to buy herbalife has been using personal testimony to sell their products. In fact, the success brought about through their personal Herbalife testimony has brought about rave reviews of the products.

We spoke with Jasmine Guerrero, an Herbalife distributor in Vancouver, BC, who had told us that although she didn’t get a perfect six pack when she drank the Herbalife shakes, it helped her cut the weight that she needed to lose so that she had some hope when she started her workout routine. Today Jasmine rocks a tight belly that any woman would kill for.

We spoke with Erick (who has the website to buy herbalife) and he said that the reason people aren’t getting perfect abs immediately after drinking Herbalife shakes is because these shakes are meal replacements, and not meant to build muscle at all.

Although several people have reported having perfectly sculpted abs after taking these Herbalife shakes, there’s no evidence that it is the source of the phenomena. In fact, it’s speculated that people who have a six pack after drinking these shakes had always had the muscle, however it was impossible to see through the fat.

Jennifer Sweenie of Detroit, MI says that she has not had the same success as the first two. When we asked what she was doing, she claims to have followed the instructions according to what her sponsor said to do.

Upon further investigation it was found that Jennifer did not have her food cravings under control (which Jasmine and Erick did). There are supplements that Herbalife offers to help control food cravings, and without these it can be difficult for some (such as Jennifer) to be successful in this dietary endeavor.

If you’d like to see the results of Erick or Jasmine, check out their Herbalife shop Pinterest page. It includes some before and after pictures and we’re told there are more to come.